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Those very nice people at Heinemann have given us a rather lovely Perfidia screenprint to celebrate the release of James Ellroy’s latest novel (Perfidia, natch) – you can see a short film of its making here. Perfidia, for those of you who don’t know, is the opening novel in what Ellroy is proposing to be a second LA Quartet (the first LA Quartet comprising The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, LA ConfidentialWhite Jazz). To be in with a chance of winning, tell us which historical attack stands at the centre of Perfidia

Sarah Waters’ sixth novel The Paying Guests is already attracting rave reviews (and the review to appear on Bookmunch shortly is going to be no exception to that rule). You can see what all of the fuss is about and win yourself a copy of the chunky read if you tell us which George Gissing novella Sarah may just have purloined her title from…

We like Kevin Eldon – writer, performer, comedian, bit part actor – in our house and so the news of a book, My Prefect Cousin, about his… err…. cousin, Paul Hamilton, the POET, is welcome news indeed. If you’re a Kevin Eldon fan too (or want to find our who he is so you can join the Kevin Eldon appreciation club) simply tell us which Stewart Lee fronted TV show he recently appeared on…

Ian McEwan is back with a slim-ish novel entitled The Children Act about a high court judge who is called upon to make a ruling about whether a Jehovah’s Witness should receive hospital treatment or not and the strange events that ensue as a result of her ruling. You can bag yourself a copy if you can tell us what Ian McEwan had to do with the film, The Ploughman’s Lunch

Those lovely people at Souvenir Press continue reissuing excellent lost classics with Sol Yurick’s The Warriors, which is best known these days as the cult movie from 1979. You can win a copy of your very own if you tell us which Pulp Fiction star enjoyed a small cameo in the movie…

After blowing us away with Out Stealing Horses, Norwegian novelist Per Petterson is back with a new novel I Refuse (review to follow on Bookmunch shortly). If you’d like to get your hands on a copy in time for its publication at the end of October, all you have to do is tell us where Petterson was born…


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Those lovely people at Random House have given us five copies of the paperback edition of the new Thomas Pynchon novel, Bleeding Edge – if you’d like to snaffle a copy and do battle with some sturdy American fiction, let us know which of Pynchon’s novels featured the rather awesomely named Pig Bodine…

Stephen Collins was responsible for one of our most very favourite graphic novels of recent years, The Gigantic Beard that was Evil. And now he’s back with a sort of You’re All Just Jealous of my Jetpack type collection of odd bits and pieces called Some Comics. To be in with a chance of winning simply tell us which alcoholic drink company Stephen has done some work for in the past…

And last but not least we have one copy of Jeff Vandermeer’s entire Southern Reach trilogy – that’s right, we have Annihilation, Authority and, published this month, Acceptance, and already receiving glowing reviews. If you have yet to dabble and fancy getting the whole kit and caboodle in a single lovely package then tell us the name of the apparent disaster zone around which much of the book is set…


Email your answer (with the title of the book in your subject header) to Please remember to include an address with your answer (as we can’t post you a book if we don’t know where to send it). Deadline for comps is Friday 31 October.

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Sugar Skull by Charles Burns



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