30 Books We’re Looking Forward to in the Second Half of 2012

Right back at the end of 2011, we produced a list of 50 books we were looking forward to in 2012. The problem with such a list (or one of the problems, at any rate) is that it is predicated on the knowledge available to us at that time. As the year goes on, and deals are made and further news is released, new books leap on to our radar that would have made the list of 50 if we’d known about them. So below are 30 further books we’re looking forward to (published here in the knowledge that you can guarantee there’ll be others we can only guess about now before the year is out…)

  1. The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus
  2. Stone Arabia by Dana Spiotta
  3. Living, Thinking, Looking by Siri Hustvedt
  4. League of Gentleman 2009 by Alan Moore
  5. Dirt by David Vann
  6. A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers
  7. Notes for my Biographer by Philip Roth
  8. If This is Home by Stuart Evers
  9. Ancient Light by John Banville
  10. Hawthorn & Child by Keith Ridgeway
  11. Lionel Asbo by Martin Amis
  12. Toby’s Room by Pat Barker
  13. Umbrella by Will Self
  14. Kimberley’s Capital Punishment by Richard Millward
  15. Boneland by Alan Garner
  16. The Yips by Nicola Barker
  17. NW by Zadie Smith
  18. Zootime by Howard Jacobson
  19. John Saturnall’s Feast by Lawrence Norfolk
  20. Joseph Anton by Salman Rushdie
  21. Train Dreams by Denis Johnson
  22. The Heart Broke In by James Meek
  23. The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling
  24. Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan
  25. Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon
  26. Winter Journal by Paul Auster
  27. Country Girl by Edna O’Brien
  28. May We Be Forgiven by AM Homes
  29. Paper by Ian Sansom
  30. The Hive by Charles Burns

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