End Times (Tiempos Finales – Tripas Sangrientas de los demonios) by Samuel Hiti

Tiempos Finales is a curious beast, drawn in two colours with all the charm of a rustic and rudimentary clay pot (it has an earthen quality, as if the story is hundreds of years old, passed from leathery mouth to leathery mouth, emerging from the ground like primitive life).

A conversation – between a crinkled Godlike face and an embryonic force for good culminates in a bookfilled room, with an older mustachioed man (imagine a South of the Border Sam Elliot) fiddling with contraptions, attaching vials to a utility belt, checking references in books and uttering crude and simple prayers for deliverance.

Elsewhere a demented council of demons discuss the business of the day and a feast is had as our man (Sam Elliot) makes his way through a town caught in the halflight of a late evening (as for how it looks – imagine Schiele and Modigliani collaborating, and then throw in a feast of crows and malevolent children for good measure and you’ll have an idea of the backdrop for what follows . . .).

There is a curious first meeting (our demon hunter safe within a circle of his own making, the corpse of a crow, the spunky snow white tendrils of evil trailing in his wake), and then – the order of the day – a furious melee as the forces of good and evil crunch together for a furious bout of wrestling in blinding Kurosawan rain . . .

Any Cop?: Of course it harks back to Mignola and Hellboy but there’s more than enough here to get giddy about (the art, and the framing of the artwork – page frames dedicated to specific nightmare images – overwhelms the plotting ever so ever so slightly but for all that – this comes highly recommended with the Bookmunch seal of approval stamped like a cattle brand on its ass).

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