‘Accessible and light’ – All The Beggars Riding by Lucy Caldwell

atbrlcLucy Caldwell’s latest novel, All The Beggars Riding, has all the ingredients of a bestseller – it is fast-paced, well-written and with a mystery to unveil.

Lara is in her late thirties and has just lost her mother. She is now an orphan – her father, a prominent plastic surgeon from Belfast, died in a helicopter crash when Lucy was just twelve. Her life as she knew it crashed at that moment too, with her father’s double life, and Lara’s family, suddenly becoming the favourite topic of national tabloids. Not only did it turn out that he had a wife and two other children in Belfast, but Lara’s mother had known all about it. She wouldn’t talk about it though, despite Lara’s attempts to get to the truth. When her mother dies, Lara starts writing about her childhood, first from her own perspective, then as a story of her mother, Jane Moorhouse.

From imagining her mother’s life to deciding to meet her half-brother Michael in Belfast, Lara’s quest will take her on a journey of confronting, and finally accepting, her past.

Caldwell’s writing is accessible and light and it is no wonder that the novel ended up on BBC Radio 4’s Book At Bedtime. Her strong plot keeps the reader hooked right to the satisfying ending.

Any Cop?: This is hardly my favourite book of the year but it is a very enjoyable read from start to finish. A great one to take on a journey or a holiday.

Maia Nikitina


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