2013 Latitude Preview

Wellies ahoy, Bookmunchers; it’s Latitude time! We know that several UK festivals are jumping on the literary bandwagon, but Latitude are seven leagues ahead, with a dedicated poetry tent, a Literary Arena and a Literary Salon: beat that, Glasto!

Anyway, we’re off to Suffolk to keep an eye on things from Thursday to Sunday, so expect a full post-match analysis next week. In the meantime, here’s a very, very quick run-down of what’s keeping us awake, all giddy with excitement…

Thursday kicks off with a Granta Best of Young British Novelists special in the literary arena, a LIterary Death Match (we love a wordy fight) and the acting/storytelling treat that is Word Theatre (we adored last year’s Kevin Barry piece, and their various performances this year ought to be equally captivating).

On Friday we’ve got Thurston Moore written into the diary in permanent maker—our favourite Sonic Youther is hitting the poetry tent, where he’ll be followed later (the exact times haven’t been released yet) by Carol Ann Duffy, and we all love her. In the midst of all the Literary Arena shenanigans there’ll be Stuart Evers, who’s always fun, and in the Salon, some sort of improv puppetry vaudeville affair from Flabbergast Theatre.

If we get out of that alive, we’ll be kneeling at the feet of Germaine Greer on Saturday, in the Literary Arena, as well as checking out a talk on state propaganda by the folks from the British Library, making their Latitude debut.  On Sunday, then, we’ll be exhausted, but we’re intrigued by Peter Cook’s Establishment Club, featuring John Cooper Clarks, Mark Steel, and more, so we’ll be crawling determinedly to that.

Well! Appetites whetted? Time for me to check the tent for mould and pack the factor 50—see you on the other side!


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