‘I imagine this would appeal to Dan Brown fans’ – Taking Morgan by David Rose

tmdrDavid Rose gives the Palestinian conflict the bestseller treatment in his CIA thriller Taking Morgan. Normally an investigative journalist, this is Rose’s first venture into fiction, and it’s inspired by his 2008 Vanity Fair article The Gaza Bombshell, about covert CIA activities in Gaza.

Morgan Cooper is a CIA agent who is just getting back into the field after years of desk work while raising her children.  When she goes missing in Gaza, her lawyer husband is left to cope with the children and his job alone. On top of this, he begins to suspect that Morgan’s bosses are not doing their utmost to find her. The fact that Morgan was involved with her Palestinian agent does not do her plight or her marriage any favours (another intelligence officer unable to keep her emotions in check. Yawn)

Although it sounds like the stuff of conspiracy theory, Taking Morgan is apparently based on fact, and given that the situation it’s covering is a complete can of worms it does quite a good job of not getting too complicated. Phrases such as ‘the sun was a swollen orange, dipping to the milky horizon’ seem a little unoriginal, but if that doesn’t put you off, then there’s plenty of (almost) real life excitement to be had here.

Any Cop?: I imagine this would appeal to Dan Brown fans.

Lucy Chatburn


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