‘Would make a good partner with The Man Who Wasn’t There’ – Newt by Nicholar Mahler and Heinz Wolf

newt3Newt is a comic book about victims. That’s not to say that our lead character, the unnamed car salesman who witnesses a shockingnewt2 crime, only to fall into a life of crime himself (or does he?) is an outright victim, but he certainly sees himself as one. His wife has left him for someone, possibly just because he has better hair, and in the process of attempting to fix that, his barber is kidnapped in a brilliantly staged opening sequence, in which a group of shady men drag him from the shop, and return to steal a book of hairstyles.

The tone that Nicholar Mahler and artist Heinz Wolf paint is dark, but very funny, like a Coen Brother’s film. In fact, what with the obsession with hair and adultery, it would make a good partner with The Man Who Wasn’t There. This too features a lead character who barely speaks, who gets caught up in horrific events because of love, or at least something he attributes to love, and who, in the end, we never really know the truth about.

Any Cop?: It’s a brief comic but one that demands a reread.


Daniel Carpenter


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