‘An arresting piece of work’ – Redeployment by Phil Klay


redeploy2It is through the filter of art, rather than terse, academic accounts, that history increasingly gets judged. Facts may blur and the truth warp through re-telling, like in Chinese whispers, but that is how the past is received, down the passage of time. As sports pundits often quip, ‘…the winners laugh, and the losers make their own plans.’ Quite.

It is admittedly with such reservations that I picked up Redeployment, a collection of short stories by Phil Klay, on the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan – as seen through the eyes of the American soldier. And within the first two pages I had my preconceptions – my prejudices – reinforced:

‘…I hear O’Leary go, “Jesus”, and there’s a skinny brown dog lapping up blood the same way he’d lap up water from a bowl. It wasn’t American blood, but still, there’s that dog, lapping it up.’

Part of me…

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