‘A chore at times, if we’re being honest’ – Amnesia by Peter Carey


ampcYou could be forgiven, in reading the back cover of Peter Carey’s latest book, that you were going to be reading a radically different kind of Peter Carey novel. On the back cover, there is talk of computer viruses, malware, cyberwar, terrorism, hackers, radicals, activism. It sounds more like a William Gibson novel at cursory glance. But it isn’t a William Gibson novel. And neither is it a radically different Peter Carey novel. “How did a young woman from suburban Melbourne become America’s Public Enemy Number One?” Wow. Sounds Thrilling, eh? Sounds like a William Goldman novel. But it isn’t a William Goldman novel either. It lacks the propulsive narrative of His Illegal Self, the last Carey novel to occupy a similar space, choosing instead to marry the picaresque quality of a book like Parrot & Olivier in Americato a contemporary backdrop. If, like me, you’ve ever been frustrated…

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