‘A fantastic character study with masterful dialogue and descriptions’ – Their Lips Talk of Mischief by Alan Warner

With Alan Warner’s latest now out in paperback, we revisit our reviw from 15 September 2014


tltomTwo boys, a girl, some booze, a baby, a schmoozing literary blowhard, booze, squalor, benefit fraud, and did we mention booze? Alan Warner’s latest has inherited more than one gene from at least three of its predecessors Morvern Callar, The Sopranos, and the lesser-mentioned but still, we think, very worthy (and Booker long-listed, lest we forget), The Stars in the Bright Sky which makes it pretty damn good: an exuberant, witty, profane and poignant take on friendship, jealousy and desperation in the heart of Thatcher’s pinched Britain.

Wanna-be writer Douglas Cunningham is a Scottish kid on the lam in London: he’s dropped out of his degree program reading and writing are one thing, but exams another and is kipping each night in A&E waiting rooms because he can’t afford a place to live and doesn’t want to go home. Llewellyn ‘Lou’ Smith is recovering…

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