“Often amusing” – Gotta Get Theroux This by Louis Theroux

If you’re a big Louis Theroux fan, you’ll likely like this book. I could leave my review there, but I think that the editors at Bookmunch would be understandably disappointed. So I won’t. But there isn’t a huge amount more than that to say, in all honesty. There is not a lot of new information on offer in this memoir looking back at Louis’s upbringing and his life in TV, but if you have spent as much time watching and rewatching his documentaries as I have then you are likely to get a kick out of this deep dive back into some of the ones that have meant the most to him.

The most interesting content on offer here is his reconsiderations of his relationship with Jimmy Saville following the now infamous revelations. Louis admits to a complicated view of the times they shared. He tries to figure out what drew him to Jimmy, what made him keep in touch, and what he might have missed or misinterpreted. It’s a nuanced and honest discussion about a facet of his life that Louis still seems to be coming to terms with.

And in general terms, if there is anything that will grab the attention of anyone but the most avid fans, it is the times when Louis reflects on a mis-step, a mistake, or a missed opportunity. It’s interesting to see someone who has had such a successful career in his area acknowledge the luck and misjudgements that have so often played a role.

Any Cop?: This book isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about Louis Theroux. If you’re not a fan, you’re not going to read these 300 odd pages and suddenly change your mind. If you do consider yourself something of a Theroux follower, though, this will be an entertaining, sometimes enlightening, and often amusing read. Theroux’s trademark self-deprecation can wear a little thin when written down instead of appearing on screen, but it only rarely detracts from a book that would probably be a valued gift on Christmas morning.


Fran Slater

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