“More fun than we expected” – Murakami T by Haruki Murakami

IMG_9Dec2021at143100If you’d asked me, does the world really need a book about Haruki Murakami’s t-short collection before I’d read Murakami T I would have said no. It feels like a frippery. A confection. A stocking filler for the Murakami completist. There’s a sense in which Murakami himself agrees:

“I doubt this book will be that useful to anyone (much less bring of any help in solving any of the myriad problems we face at present)…”

Funnily enough, though, when you learn that Murakami T is a collection of essays that were commissioned by a Japanese magazine, rather than a book about his t-shirts that Murakami had just decided to write, my initial qualms dissipated somewhat.

So what you have is 18 short articles (of between 3-5 pages) interspersed with pics of the t-shirts Murakami is discussing. It’s basic – here is a chapter on book-related t-shirts, here is a chapter on beer-related t-shirts, here is a chapter on lizard-related t-shirts – but, for all that, strangely charming.

It’s Murakami unguarded, speaking openly, freely and lightly about trips he’s taken, places he’s hung out, merch that has been sent his way (more than likely relegated to a sealed box in his house), bands he likes, quirks he has. In some respects, it’s the freshest, funnest book Murakami has written since What We Talk About When We Talk About Running.

Any Cop?: A genuine surprise. We started reading with low expectations and we had a lot of fun with it, more fun than we expected.

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