May / June Competitions


Justin Cronin is back and The City of Mirrors is the final volume in the Passage trilogy that began with the majestic The Passage and continued with The Twelve. If you’d like to win a copy, tell us which film director’s production company has bought the rights to the books…

Don DeLillo – that’s right, Don DeLillo – is back with a novel that a great many people are saying is the novel that all right thinking DeLillo fans have been looking forward to ever since Underworld back in 2001. Zero K could well be one of those books that appears on our end of year best of list. If you want to get in early doors, tell us the title of the book DeLillo wrote under a pseudonym and later disowned…

Joe Hill’s The Fireman is, according to advance word, the book that ups the ante on what he’s done before and – if you were that way inclined, the one best thought of as his Stand (if you follow my drift). It’s a beast in terms of its length but we know that fans will lap this up like a cat with milk. You want one, you tell us the title of the recent collaboration Joe wrote with his dad…

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And while we’re talking about his dad… Stephen King brings his trilogy – begun with Mr Mercedes and continued with Finders Keepers – to a close with End of Watch, which promises to be somewhat supernatural and thereby possibly the most overtly King-ian of a series which has erred on the side of not being. You can throw your hat into the ring and maybe win yourself a copy if you can tell us who is set to play the Gunslinger in the adaptation of the Dark Tower currently being filmed in South Africa… (clue: it isn’t Bryan Cranston, which we think is a shame…)

Alain De Botton’s latest, The Course of Love, is his first novel for about 20 years – but you’ll have to know about his debut novel to win yourself a copy of this one. Essays in Love was turned into a film by Julian Kemp – but what was the film called? Let us know and you could win yourself a copy…

Iron Towns has garnered much in the way of praise including recommendations from authors we like and trust (Catherine O’Flynn to name but one who said, “It’s a dense and tender portrait of a world that few people bother to notice”). If you’d like to win yourself a copy, tell us which of his books were nominated for the Gordon Burn Prize…

Comps B

Longlisted for the Samuel Johnson prize last year, film director Bruce Robinson’s bravura excoriation of all things Jack the Ripper, They All Love Jack, is by far our favourite work of nonfiction this last few months and we can’t recommend it enough. You can win a copy of your very own, if you can tell us the name of the Commissioner of Police during the majority of Jack’s spree who comes in for a fair amount of ire from both Robinson and Jack in the pages of this book…

In The Lost Time Accidents, John Wray takes us from ” turn-of-the-century Viennese salons buzzing with rumors about Einstein’s radical new theory to the death camps of World War Two, from the golden age of postwar pulp science fiction to a startling discovery in a Manhattan apartment packed to the ceiling with artifacts of modern life”. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, you can’t have blood in your veins! To win a copy, tell us the name of Wray’s band…

We have been big fans of David Means for a good long while – and in point of fact his short story collection Assorted Fire Events was the first book ever reviewed on Bookmunch back in 2001 – so we are pleased to welcome not only a new book but his first novel, Hystopia, “a destabilised version of American history” seen through the eyes of one Eugene Allen. To win a copy, tell us who said, “So you people don’t believe in God. So you’re all big smart know-it-all Marxists and Freudians, hey? Why don’t you come back in a million years and tell me all about it, angels?”

Deadline for comps is end of June, with winners contacted shortly thereafter. Send your answers (and contact details so we can send a prize) to






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The New Odyssey by Patrick Kingsley

The Cauliflower by Nicola Barker



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