July/August Competitions

comp set A

You may have already read our review of The Dinner Party by Joshua Ferris and had your interest piqued. If that’s the case, be piqued no more! Simply tell us, which of Joshua Ferris’ novels featured Joe Pope and you could be in with a chance of winning a copy!

Meanwhile, Rebecca F John has concocted a ghostly little fable in the vein of Sarah Waters with The Haunting of Henry Twist. If you’d like to win a copy please tell us how many vowels there are in the small Welsh village where Rebecca F John grew up.   

Our friend Donald Ray Pollock is back with The Heavenly Table and fans of either Knockemstiff or The Devil All The Time will need little in the way of recommendation (although we do have a review coming soon nevertheless!). You can bag a copy if you tell us, what does Atticus Lish say this novel flows like?

Wioletta Greg is the author of six collections of poetry and a novella, Swallowing Mercury, which has been translated into English for the first time and concerns a young girl called Wiola. You can find out more if you win a copy and you can win a copy if you tell us who translated this book from the Polish?  

comp set B

Borne is Jeff Vandermeer’s latest and if Dan’s review is anything to go by (you’ll be seeing it in the next few days, we promise) then it’s another blinder. You can win a copy of your very own if you tell us, what is the title of the most recent Ambergris book?

The latest edition of Best British Short Stories 2017 edited by Nicholas Royle (whose latest collection Ornithology we reviewed very favourable over here) may be the best yet (we’ll have a review from Tamim in a couple of weeks). To win a copy, tell us which author wrote the book Treats (a story from whom appears in this very book…)

The Park Bench is the first Chaboute graphic novel to be translated into English (although there are not many words in it!) and it’s a rare treat. You can blag yourself a treat in the post if you tell us which poet described the book thus: “Beautiful, kind, witty and calm…”

Last but by no means least we have The Association of Small Bombs by Karan Mahajan, a novel we’ve all been looking forward to reading here in Bookmunch Towers. You don’t have to fight over it though, you can just have one of your very own if you tell us: the four book awards that The Association of Small Bombs has won so far…

Send your answers to bookmunch.comps2017@gmail.com. Closing date is 31 August. Winners will be contacted shortly thereafter. New comps will follow in September!