‘A brilliant study of memory’ – I Refuse by Per Petterson

‘Petterson’s favourite themes of family and loneliness are very much present in I Refuse, and so is his intricate, puzzle-like plot which begs a second read as much for its complexity as for its poetic language and fascinating characters. Petterson is known for his style of mixing realism with lyricism in long, labyrinthine sentences. The often overlapping narrative interweaves the banal with the significant, creating a ‘stream of conscience’ style’ – Maia Nikitina reviews I Refuse by Per Petterson

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‘Set in a world that sits slightly to the side of our own’ – The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis

The Motherless Oven starts to read like a collision between Kasuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and, of all things, The Wizard of Oz (in that they travel about, in a sort of quest-y way, looking for Scarper’s dad but also taking in various strange elements of this world in which they find themselves). Plot-wise, when you acclimate to the environment of Davis’ world, you do get swept up in the narrative – and there are enough twists, action points and curious devices (such as the way in which their quest appears to be covered in poster form) to keep you reading…

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