‘There will be something in this collection for almost any reader’ – Leaving the Sea by Ben Marcus

‘He displays a versatility in this collection that you often wouldn’t even find in an anthology made up from various authors. He does comedy, farce, love stories, sad stories, and stories that I personally can’t define. And one thing ties them all together. That unique prose style; writing that, on a sentence to sentence basis, is up there with the very, very best’ – Fran Slater gets a kick out of the new Ben Marcus

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‘Flaws aside, the novel is genuinely enjoyable’ – Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

‘So we’re now meant to believe that a 38 year old single, heterosexual man has almost no familiarity with pornography. So onto insane and perverted, we’ll add retarded, too. Clues are given that the MC has some genuine problem, that he is ‘different’ – for example, there is a scene where he recalls his peers at school calling him ‘retard’ – but is he compromised in some specific way, ‘special’ in a ‘Forrest Gump’ way, or just idiosyncratic, but otherwise medically normal? Resolving this question is critical to how the reader approaches the MC, and thus it is a real flaw to have left it hanging’ – Tamim Sadikali on the latest novel from Matthew Quick.

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