‘I’ve been absolutely stunned by the kindness of the reviewers’ – An interview with Jeff VanderMeer, author of Acceptance

‘…the taking of the gloves off re Acceptance has to do with not wanting the final book of a trilogy to fall into one of three traps: (1) to return to status quo for no particularly good reason, (2) to become unbalanced toward revelation when nothing much matters in a novel if your characters aren’t compelling or interesting, and (3) to have been hinting so much by inference that you forget that at some point you have to show—you have to bring the revelations and wonders to the fore’ – Peter Wild interviews Jeff VanderMeer about the publication of Acceptance, the third book in the Southern Reach trilogy…

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‘If you’ve followed the trilogy this far, you wont want to miss this’ – Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

And so here we are, the climax of the Southern Reach trilogy. Acceptance plunges characters we’ve met from both of the previous books, Annihilation and Authority, back into Area X – Area X, you’ll remember, being the mysterious, possibly ecological, disaster zone, that has to be penetrated via a border that has a tendency to work on the people who pass through it. Anyone who has read VanderMeer before will know that just about the only thing you can expect will be that all bets are off. No-one is safe. Nothing is straightforward. Anything can happen.

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