‘You just might be a massive arse about everything but that is possibly ok because so is everyone else’ – Let’s Talk About Love: A journey to the end of taste by Carl Wilson

‘This new and expanded issue of Carl Wilson’s Let’s Talk About Love is, in essence, two books – it is a reissue of his 2007 exploration of what we mean by good and bad taste, and specifically how that applies to Céline Dion’s 1997 album, Let’s Talk About Love, and it also a collection of essays that respond to that book and expand its arguments. I think it is worth reviewing the two things separately’ – Benjamin Judge digests the game of two halves that is Let’s Talk about Love by Carl Wilson…

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‘Tidhar is definitely a writer we will be watching’ – The Violent Century by Lavie Tidhar

Tidhar is clever and well read and he uses history and research well – and yet there are all the same nagging doubts. The staccato effect of the short sentences and the short chapters hop, skipping and jumping from one moment to the next (and towards the end of the book within the short chapters themselves) is as frustrating at times as it can be exhilarating. I felt, as I read, that this was a book for someone ever so slightly younger than me, more willing to accept a certain paucity of language if the narrative had ambition…

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