‘Henderson is going to be huge’ – Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson

‘With so much going on, most debut novelists would probably struggle not to make a mess of it. Henderson not only manages to avoid this, but he tells this multi-layered tale with the ease of a seasoned storyteller. The way he manages multiple plots is reminiscent of an early Stephen King, but his prose has echoes of Cormac McCarthy and William Faulkner. His characters, down to the smallest, are brought to life in a way that only the best authors know how. You’ll feel sympathy for the most messed up people, anger at the most selfish, and empathy for everybody. This is fiction of the highest order’ – Fran Slater reviews Fourth of July Creek by Henderson Smith

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‘A blast from start to finish’ – Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Reading Seconds feels cool (like if you were reading Seconds at a café in New York this afternoon, you might earn a raised chin from someone cooler than you walking by), and it’s nice feeling cool but, crucially, it doesn’t have that ‘oh I read this yesterday and liked it but now realise, a day later, that it’s actually vapid and shallow’ comedown that you sometimes get.

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