‘You’d have to have a cold heart if you didn’t want to see this underdog win’ – Bitter Wash Road by Garry Disher

‘Disher does his cops by the book, and that’s about the only way Hirsch deviates from every other Sam Spade, Dirty Harry or Philip Marlowe. He sticks to the rules, does what he’s told and follows procedure like a thriller writer follows a proven plotline. In all his years on the force, this is how Hirsch gets results. And it’s a method that works for Disher too’ – Jim Dempsey reviews Bitter Wash Road by Gary Disher

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‘Intelligent, confident, eloquent without being ostentatious’ – All our Names by Dinaw Mengestu

‘It’s subject matter Ethiopian American Dinaw Mengestu has covered before, for example in his award winning first novel Children of the Revolution, but this time he’s taken a step back from the detail to focus on (I think – this novel was rather too clever for me to be sure I’ve got to the bottom of it) the relationship between identity and place. All our Names contains brutal events, but the approach is detached, analytical; deliberately unspecific. When, after tension has been building for some time, but only through hearsay, we finally participate in an act of violence, it is described with comedy rather than horror’ – Lucy Chatburn reviews All Our Names by Dinaw Mengestu

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