“Brilliantly evokes the realities of living through a war” – No Pasaran Ed. Pete Ayrton

“It is a mark of the range and intelligence of Pete Ayrton’s editorial choices that they give the Spanish Civil War a remarkable resonance when seen from the perspective of 2016: the refugees escaping the destruction of Barcelona echo the experiences of those fleeing Syria while the idealism of the International Brigade…” – James Doyle reviews Pete Ayrton’s No Pasaran…

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‘Full of Pynchony things’ – I Am Radar by Reif Larsen

‘This is narrative taking the tourist route, full of digressions and detours. You need to have an appetite for that sort of thing. Normally a book review would give you a brief description of the plot but I wouldn’t know where to begin summing up I Am Radar. A whole lot of crazy shit, I guess, if you are happy to read that as being neither a positive nor a negative statement on my part’ – Benjamin Judge reviews Reif Larsen’s I Am Radar

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Golden Years by Ali Eskandarian

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

An Olympic Dream by Reinhard Kleist

The Latecomer by Dimitri Verhulst

Wonderland by Samuel Ligon

Hotels of North America by Rick Moody

The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest

Prodigals by Greg Jackson



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