‘A total blast’ – How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt

The premise, in case the title doesn’t give it entirely away, is to explore how a significant portion of the globe’s population stopped buying music (in CD form) and decided to download it via torrent sites instead. Stephen Witt is an unflinching torrenter from the sounds of things. He doesn’t ask for forgiveness and he doesn’t really get into the ethics of piracy all that much either …

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‘We are in a world of worry, crazed faith and madness’ – Joy, PA by Steven Sherrill

Steven Sherrill is responsible for two of my favourite novels of the last 20 years: The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break and Visits from the Drowned Girl. Each of these books is as funny and wise as any Willy Vlautin book you’d care to mention but shot through with a powerful darkness (like a million splinters of glass, so small you can’t see them but touch them and you’ll bleed for a week).

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How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt

Joy, PA by Steve Sherrill

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