“One to linger over rather than race through” – The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall

“It hasn’t got the driving fear and energy of The Carhullan Army or the simple yearning through-line of Haweswater; but that’s because it’s more subtle and ideologically ambitious than either of those” – Valerie O’Riordan reviews the new Sarah Hall…

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‘A beautifully controlled and compelling novel’ – A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler

‘A Spool of Blue Thread is an understated novel about the making and unmaking, storytelling and myth-busting, of family life lived over generations. Though it seems to have only the most homely concerns, this beautifully controlled and compelling novel guides us with effortless grace through a sprawling history. By painting an intricate portrait of ordinary family life Tyler shows us that, once you scratch the surface, there really isn’t any such thing’ – Camilla Cassidy reviews Anne Tyler’s A Spool of Blue Thread

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Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo

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The Compatibility Gene by Daniel M Davis

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Karate Chop & Minna Needs Rehearsal Space by Dorthe Nors

Endangered by CJ Box

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy



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