‘A thousand whirling vortexes’ – Aama Volume 3: The Desert of Mirrors by Frederik Peeters

‘we’re starting to see more and more of the picture (and getting more and more clues and seeing more and more discussion about what aama really is) and yet conversely as we see more we realise that there is still more to see – and the anticipation to see the more that Peeters has in store for us grows too. Each of these three books so far play the short and long game expertly – giving the reader enough to keep reading in terms of the long game but packing each page and panel with enough action and thrilling detail to make the short game feel like a blast…’

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‘A truly original portrayal of grief’ – Making Nice by Matt Sumell

In 1687, Isaac Newton proposed three laws of motion, the third being, in part, “Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse riactionem” or “to every action there is always opposed and equal reaction”. Three hundred and nineteen years later, Twitter was launched, and his theory became a parody of itself. Now, anything that anyone does anywhere […]

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Aama, Volume 3 - The Desert of Mirrors by Frederik Peeters



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