‘A chore at times, if we’re being honest’ – Amnesia by Peter Carey

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You could be forgiven, in reading the back cover of Peter Carey’s latest book, that you were going to be reading a radically different kind of Peter Carey novel. On the back cover, there is talk of computer viruses, malware, cyberwar, terrorism, hackers, radicals, activism. It sounds more like a William…

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‘Too self-conscious and too anxious’ – In Search of Solace by Emily Mackie

‘ If you want to hook the reader, you’ve got to trust the reader. If they’ve gotten to page 331 and haven’t figured out that Benson got obsessed with Jacob at that meeting, well, then you probably don’t really deserve the explanation at all. Thirdly, finally, that omniscient narrator is too self-conscious and playful by half (actually, die-hard Ali Smith fans will probably love it); from the incessant flagging-up of narrative subversion and time-hops and head-hops and digressions’ – Valerie O’Riordan reviews In Search of Solace by Emily Mackie

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