“Atwood fans might go for it in a spirit of gotta-catch-em-all, but we’d suggest skipping this one…” – Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood

“Okay, it’s a comedy, and okay, maybe we should get over it, but there’s a lack of psychological credibility in pretty much the entire cast, and that bothered us – because if there’s one thing, aside from snappy wordplay, that we value in Shakespeare, it’s the psychological credibility. They’re all one-dimensional, Felix included, and we know that Atwood, too, can do moral complexity with the best of them…” – Valerie O’Riordan reviews Hag-Seed b Margaret Atwood

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“A brave and impressive piece of writing” – Autumn by Ali Smith

“Many of Smith’s recent works have been lauded, and deservedly so. She is an inimitable stylist and her works have more layers than a very big onion. With Autumn, though, she has added something that makes it stand out above her previous efforts. Here is Ali Smith standing up for the underdog as she always done, but never has she done it so clearly…” – Fran Slater reviews Autumn by Fran Slater

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