“Wears its influences on its sleeve, [but] never feels worn or tired” – Central Station by Ladve Tidhar

“Interestingly, Tidhar isn’t all that concerned with finding a central narrative within this world, and appears much more content to explore it. Central Station is not a novel, but rather a collection of intricately connected short stories, each of which shed some light on a different aspect of life and culture in this world he’s created” – Daniel Carpenter reviews Ladve Tidhar’s Central Station

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“Her star’s likely on the up, and you heard it here first, in full Technicolor mixed-metaphor” – Blind Water Pass by Anna Metcalfe

“There’s not a lot of plot here; it’s a book that thrives on undercurrents and imagery and themes rather than action or humour, and so it’ll likely appeal to the literary types rather than those who want a well-told-tale or a rollicking adventure over implicated war stories or quiet tales of woe. But Metcalfe’s got a strong range of cultural and political reference points and a way with words, and so we think she’ll be going far…” – Valerie O’Riordan reviews Blind Water Pass by Anna Metcalfe

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The Arab of the Future by Riad Sattouf

Never Home by Laird Hunt

They All Love Jack by Bruce Robinson

Hystopia by David Means

The New Odyssey by Patrick Kingsley

The Cauliflower by Nicola Barker



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