“Another winner from TC” – The Terranauts by TC Boyle

In the post factual world we live (and how utterly demoralising those words are – post factual), where feelings are held in higher regard than facts, where idiots compete with experts for space and news attempts, above all things, to be balanced, thereby suggesting idiots and experts warrant equal consideration… well, let’s just say we need writers like TC Boyle more than ever…

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“The story isn’t strong enough, the characters not compelling enough, to justify the time that was obviously taken over the art” – Cormorance by Nick Hayes

Cormorance resolutely refuses to take flight. The death of a parent is a seismic event and yet the stories told here feel small and also lacking in some brutal veneer of honesty. Nick Hayes’ art, as beautiful as it can be, often works against what he is doing – this is wallpaper guaranteed to engender a slight feeling of ennui…

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